blog from the ether

so just for good measure I’m testing the ether blogging. I’d be happy without the technology/info overload but hey, in Rome do as the Roman’s and enjoy the perks and experience!

from UCG’s ipod – S.

UCG update

Following a 4 month hiatus in mid 2008, the muses began knocking at the door with song fragments and a re-newed sense of direction. After the quiet dissolution of the original cast, Jon and I began regular musical collaborations in November 2008 stirring the creative juices on a weekly basis; honing a fresh recording aesthetic and writing approach that has yielded a boon of new songs.

During the winter of 2009 we wrote, recorded, mixed and produced music for a documentary film. In May I surrendered to a subconcious musical calling and set out in earnest to front the revised live band on bass. In October we welcomed guitarist Jimmy Baldwin into the UCG fold. In December our visual compadre Robert Kenney came on board taking the reins of an impromtu video shoot and we suddenly found ourselves excitedly back in the game! –  s.



blogging? no idea except to dive in.

uncommon gold is a handle/vehicle for a wide range of creative activity and self-expression: music, stories, ideas, skills, curiosities, and concerns. its an old alchemical notion that resonates just fine today: the inner work is what counts, where the real value lies, uncommon gold.

we’ve been experimenting and having a lot of fun since 2006 exploring popular song-writing, sonic architecture and self-sufficient creative activity; building a small but growing network of fans and creative accomplices!

we’ll work at getting this blogging thing comfortable and fluid. in the meantime check out the music and videos at (if you haven’t already been there, duh!)