About UCG

Uncommon Gold has had a sporadic public face but a prodigious creative output. The new band is a lean sounding trio that gets down to the business of sonic energy! We’ve written + recorded more than a dozen new songs presently being mixed for release in 2010.

Jimmy Baldwin is a guitarist’s guitarist with a broad band width of musical influence. Primarily self-taught, he is a recent graduate of VCC’s School of Music, performing regularly with afro-funk/world fusion group Jarimba + South African musician Munkie Ncapayi + country artists Sandra Larratta + AJ Woodworth. Baldwin is also a gifted song writer in his own right + an enthusiastic teacher.

Jon Kooy started druming with the band Painfully Obvious + soon after began tinkering on 4 + 8 track analogue recorders. He moved to Vancouver to attend recording school + graduated from the recording arts masters program. Kooy has been recording + producing local artists + bands at various studios since then. Jon currently co-owns + operates Moozak Recording specializing in live multi-track concert recordings + has worked on various projects including 5.1 audio mixes + audio post production + mastering. He kicks serious ass on the tennis court in addition to the drums!

Stephen Fisk’s 25-year career in music spans a wide spectrum of experience + skill base in all facets of music making. His extensive work with various national + international artists has garnered him critical acclaim, while his personal oeuvre has developed from a divergent blend of artistic interests + creative acuity. Fisk’s recording discography includes numerous releases as a bandleader + sideman + producer + audio editing + mixing engineer. He is presently a senior faculty member of the Sarah McLachlan Music Outreach + father to budding soccer stars!

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